Want to live to a hundred?

Posted: November 9, 2011 By: admin

More good news that living longer is mainly in our control and can be achieved drug free. Plenty of research shows that limiting your chance of getting a chronic disease such as heart disease , strokes, diabetes and cancer is important to a long life and a good quality one. 90% of people could live to age 90 or even a hundred by following seven key lifestyle choices. These are exercise regularly as a sedentary lifestyle more than doubles your risk of heart disease and strokes. Control your cholesterol levels through exercise and diet. Eat a healthy diet containing plenty of fruit and vegetables and limit your sugar, processed foods and salt intake. Control your blood pressure, keep a healthy weight, manage any diabetes and don’t smoke. The latter causes 90% of all lung cancers and around 20% of the population still smoke.

Many of the above are connected and show again the importance of regular movement and eating a fresh diet- drugs do not prevent disease merely treat the symptoms.

Kevin, 9 November 2011.



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