Kevin is a true inspiration. He really practices what he preaches and his ability to apply his considerable knowledge is amazing. In my case this gave me a massive decrease in my half marathon time and helped me develop eating habits that made recovery much easier. Thanks alot Kevin!
Kieran - CHEK Practitioner & Holistic Lifestyle Coach

Had I met Kevin some 20 years earlier, before my Rheumatoid Arthritis wreaked havoc with my joints, I suspect I would not have endured the level of pain I did, much of which I now realise was due to muscle wasting. In 3 years I have gone from using a mobility scooter to taking hill walks and enjoying far greater mobility than I could ever have imagined. Everyday life is so much easier now that I am stronger and fitter. Its good to know that I am in safe hands and despite my constant whingeing, Kevin ensures that training is always fun!

Thanks to your treatment over the the Autumn /early Winter period my back has been much much better ....to the point where I need full masage perhaps every 6 weeks? In the meantime I have been continuing with your exercises.


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