For over 4 years Kevin has been engaged with a lot of corporate work with some very large companies. He is the overall Fitness Manager for the Energy Project Europe Ltd, in charge of a large number of trainers.

Kevin is a member of:

• The National Register of         Personal Trainers
• Nutrition Advisors Register
• The Register of Exercise        Professionals



Working mainly around Guildford and Haslemere, Kevin has been involved in the fitness industry for more than 15 years, beginning as a fitness manager and personal trainer. For over eight years, Kevin was the Centre Manager of the highly successful Premier Training Centre in Guildford, where the business grew rapidly. He also maintained a highly successful fitness consultancy, training a wide range of people and offering local business seminars in exercise and nutrition. Kevin has an honours degree in Environmental Science.


Professional Experience

For many years Kevin taught across the widely respected Premier Diploma including Fitness Training, Exercise Physiology, Nutrition, Sports Therapy & Massage. He has a passion and dedication to improving peoples’ health through an integrated health care approach and regularly updates his knowledge by participating in continuous professional development events and seminars. Kevin worked alongside a doctor dealing with referrals of people with a wide range of medical conditions.

Through experience gained from this training and working with clients who have very different goals and ability, he has developed sound skills which enable him to design highly effective, safe, enjoyable training. Kevin is respected as a leader in his professional field; he can provide tailored training and therapeutic sessions whatever the individual client or company aims.

Kevin has experience of reviewing and refocusing programmes for clients where their therapeutic or fitness sessions are not delivering. He is keen to demonstrate that the damage done by a legacy of poorly devised programmes or rehabilitation exercises can be overcome by attention to detail, sound knowledge of anatomy and physiology and providing programmes and treatments that are specific to the client’s priorities and condition.

Kevin enjoys working with individuals of any ability whether beginner or world class athlete.

Each person will receive a personalised consultation and thorough assessment of health, posture, fitness and lifestyle goals. The sessions are always motivational, enjoyable, interesting and fun.